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coliform of, pertaining to, or resembling the coliform bacillus.
coliform bacillus any of several bacilli normally found in human and animal colons, the count of which in water is used to determine the presence or extent of fecal pollution.
coliseum a large building or amphitheater used for entertainment events, sports, or the like.
colitis inflammation of the large intestine.
Coll. abbreviation of "College," a school or institution of higher learning, usu. providing education in general studies or liberal arts (used in a proper name).
collaborate to cooperate or work with someone else, esp. on an artistic or intellectual project. [2 definitions]
collaboration a cooperative effort by which people or organizations work together to accomplish a common project or mission. [2 definitions]
collaborationist one who willingly gives aid to an invading or occupying enemy force.
collaborative characterized by or resulting from collaboration.
collage a type of visual art work in which diverse and often seemingly incongruous materials, such as photographs, buttons, hair, and the like, are pasted upon a surface, often with added marks or writing.
collagen a fibrous protein in bone, cartilage, and other connective tissue.
collapsar a collapsed star that has become a black hole.
collapse to fall down; give way; cave in. [7 definitions]
collapsible able to collapse or be collapsed, esp. for ease in carrying, storing, or the like.
collar the portion of a garment that goes around the neck and is sometimes folded over. [7 definitions]
collarbone either of two bones joining the breastbone and the shoulder blades; clavicle.
collard a type of kale grown for its edible leaves. [2 definitions]
collarless combined form of collar.
collate to stack the pages in the correct order.
collateral extending in parallel or being to the side of. [5 definitions]
collation the act or process of collating. [2 definitions]