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colonist an inhabitant or member of a colony. [2 definitions]
colonization the act or process of forming colonies.
colonize to establish a settlement on (a distant territory) and begin to rule. [3 definitions]
colonnade in architecture, a series of evenly spaced columns supporting an entablature or roof.
colonoscopy examination of the colon with a flexible, fiber-optic instrument inserted into the rectum.
colony a territory governed by a distant country, often occupied by numbers of citizens of that country. [2 definitions]
colony collapse disorder an event in which all or most of the worker bees of a hive disappear, leaving in the hive the queen, the immature bees, and some adult bees to care for the immature bees, and the honey.
colophon a publisher's emblem or trademark, which appears usu. on the title page of a book.
color the visible aspect of an object, other than form or size, that depends on the hue, chroma, or brightness of light that it reflects or emits. [12 definitions]
colorable able to be colored. [2 definitions]
Colorado a western U.S. state bordered by Wyoming, Kansas, New Mexico, and Utah. (abbr.: CO) [2 definitions]
colorado of cigars, medium in strength and color.
Colorado beetle a black and yellow beetle that eats potatoes and other plants.
colorant something that changes the color of something else, esp. a pigment or dye.
coloration arrangement or appearance of color; coloring. [2 definitions]
coloratura flourishes, such as runs or trills, in vocal music. [4 definitions]
color bar segregation or discrimination based on race or skin color, usu. as practiced by whites against nonwhites; color line.
color barrier unspoken social code of racial segregation or discrimination, esp. in sports, education, public service, and the like.
color-blind partly or totally unable to distinguish a color or colors. [2 definitions]
colorcast to televise in color. [2 definitions]
color-code to organize, classify, or designate according to color.