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colorcast to televise in color. [2 definitions]
color-code to organize, classify, or designate according to color.
colorectal of, pertaining to, or affecting the colon and rectum.
colored having color. [3 definitions]
colorfast having color that will not fade even with exposure to sun or multiple washings.
colorful having many colors; brilliant in color. [2 definitions]
color guard those who carry and escort a country's flag or several colored flags in a parade or ceremony.
coloring the process or method of imparting color. [4 definitions]
coloring book a paperbound book, usu. for children, containing pictures printed in outline that are to be colored in with crayon, watercolors, or the like.
colorist a painter whose employment of color is a principal means of artistic communication. [2 definitions]
colorization the process by which color is added to motion picture images that were originally filmed in black and white.
colorless lacking in color. [3 definitions]
color line any institutionalized separation of races that is based on skin color and that results in social and economic discrimination and oppression; color bar.
color phase one of two or more specific colorings, determined by age or season, that are assumed by certain animals. [2 definitions]
colossal extremely large in size, magnitude, or effect; enormous; gigantic; huge.
Colossians a book of the New Testament, consisting of a letter written by the apostle Paulto the Christians of Colossae.
colossus anything colossal or gigantic in size or importance. [3 definitions]
colostomy a surgical opening cut into the colon to allow excretion, usu. made when the rectum is blocked or after surgery for colon cancer.
colostrum the yellowish milk secreted by a female mammal in the first few days after the birth of young, that is esp. rich in immune factors and protein.
colour a spelling of "color" used in Canada and Britain. See "color" for more information.
colt a young male horse, esp. one younger than four years old. [2 definitions]