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coltsfoot a widespread perennial weed, named for the shape of its leaves.
Columbia a river that flows from British Columbia, along the Washington-Oregon border, and into the Pacific. [2 definitions]
columbine any of several plants related to the buttercup, bearing varicolored flowers having five spurred petals.
columbium see "niobium."
Columbus the capital of Ohio.
Columbus Day a U.S. holiday, usu. observed on the second Monday in October, that commemorates Christopher Columbus's discovery of the New World.
column a regularly appearing article or editorial in a newspaper or magazine. [5 definitions]
columniation the architectural use of columns, or an arrangement of columns in a structure.
columnist a writer or editor of a regular column or feature in a newspaper or magazine.
colure either of the two great circles of the celestial sphere that intersect at the poles, one passing through the solstices and the other through the equinoxes.
colza any of several plants, esp. rape, whose seeds produce oil used in salad dressings and lubricants. [2 definitions]
com- with; together; jointly. [2 definitions]
coma1 a prolonged, deep state of unconsciousness resulting from disease, injury, poisoning, or the like.
coma2 the cloud around a comet's nucleus; the head of a comet. [3 definitions]
comal in botany, of or pertaining to terminal tufts, such as the silky hairs at the ends of some seeds or the bracts at the top of a pineapple.
comanage combined form of manage.
comanagement combined form of management.
comanager combined form of manager.
Comanche a member of a tribe of North American Indians now living in Oklahoma. [2 definitions]
comatose in a coma; unconscious. [2 definitions]
comb a thin, toothed implement used to untangle, style, or hold hair. [9 definitions]