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com- with; together; jointly. [2 definitions]
coma1 a prolonged, deep state of unconsciousness resulting from disease, injury, poisoning, or the like.
coma2 the cloud around a comet's nucleus; the head of a comet. [3 definitions]
comal in botany, of or pertaining to terminal tufts, such as the silky hairs at the ends of some seeds or the bracts at the top of a pineapple.
comanage combined form of manage.
comanagement combined form of management.
comanager combined form of manager.
Comanche a member of a tribe of North American Indians now living in Oklahoma. [2 definitions]
comatose in a coma; unconscious. [2 definitions]
comb a thin, toothed implement used to untangle, style, or hold hair. [9 definitions]
combat to fight against or oppose forcefully. [3 definitions]
combatant someone or something that engages in combat. [2 definitions]
combat fatigue see battle fatigue.
combative eager or ready to fight.
comber one that combs, such as a person or machine that combs textile fibers. [2 definitions]
combination the act of combining or state of being combined. [3 definitions]
combination lock a lock operated by turning a dial to a set series of numbers or letters.
combine to bring or join together, as into a whole. [6 definitions]
combined joined or added together.
combings material that has been removed with a comb, such as hair or fibers.
combining form a word form that appears only in combination with other word parts, such as "biblio-".