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commonwealth a political unit, usu. a state or nation, or the people thereof. [3 definitions]
Commonwealth Day in much of the British Commonwealth, the second Monday in March, when the Commonwealth is recognized.
Commonwealthmen group of British thinkers and reformers whose ideas of republicanism, civic virtue, and liberty had an influence on the leaders of the American Revolution.
commotion an agitated or noisy disturbance. [2 definitions]
communal of or pertaining to a community or a commune. [2 definitions]
communalism a theory or system of government in which local communities or communes have virtual autonomy within a loose federation. [2 definitions]
communalize to make (something) the property of the community; convert to public property.
communal taint in India, the perception of a person or political body being strongly tied to or influenced by a particular cultural or religious community and thus not committed to values of secularism and unity.
commune1 to be in close or intimate communication. [2 definitions]
commune2 a group of people living together as a community, working collectively on land owned in common or by a government. [3 definitions]
communicable capable of being communicated or transmitted.
communicant a church member who takes, or is entitled to take, Communion. [2 definitions]
communicate to impart. [4 definitions]
communication the transferring of messages or exchanging of information or ideas. [3 definitions]
communicative disposed or tending to communicate readily and well.
communion an act or instance of intimate communication or sharing. [3 definitions]
communiqué an official announcement or bulletin, esp. from a government.
communism the theory of a classless social system in which all property and means of production are owned in common; socialist theory deriving from the works of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. [3 definitions]
communist one who advocates communism. [4 definitions]
Communist Manifesto a pamphlet, written by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels and published in 1848, in which the principles of modern communism are outlined.
Communist party a national political party, usu. affiliated internationally with similar parties, that supports or advocates communism, esp. as developed by Marx and Engels.