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comorbidity the presence of co-exisiting medical conditions in a patient.
Comoro Islands a group of islands between the coast of northern Mozambique and northern Madagascar. (See Comoros.)
Comoros an African country comprising three of the Comoro Islands; Federal and Islamic Republic of Comoros.
comp1 to play an accompaniment to jazz music, as on a piano or guitar, often of syncopated chords.
comp2 (informal) a comprehensive examination, as at the end of an academic year, covering all work included in a course during that period of time.
comp. abbreviation of "compensation." [3 definitions]
compact1 solidly joined or packed together; dense. [9 definitions]
compact2 an agreement or contract; pact.
compact cassette a type of magnetic-tape cartridge, first released in 1963, that is used for audio recording and playback.
compact disk a palm-sized disk on which music, data, or the like has been digitally encoded, that is read by laser and transmitted to a playback device; optical disk.
compactor a machine that compresses or grinds up trash for easy disposal.
compadre a close friend, companion, or partner; buddy.
companion one who associates with another or others. [3 definitions]
companionable having friendly qualities; congenial.
companionate of, by, or like companions.
companionship the relationship existing between or among companions.
companionway a stairway or ladder leading from one deck of a ship to another.
company a business firm. [7 definitions]
company store a retail store operated as a monopoly by the same company that employs the local work force.
comparable able to be compared due to having a certain amount of commonality; deserving comparison. [2 definitions]
comparative of or involving comparison. [5 definitions]