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companionate of, by, or like companions.
companionship the relationship existing between or among companions.
companionway a stairway or ladder leading from one deck of a ship to another.
company a business firm. [7 definitions]
company store a retail store operated as a monopoly by the same company that employs the local work force.
comparable able to be compared due to having a certain amount of commonality; deserving comparison. [2 definitions]
comparative of or involving comparison. [5 definitions]
comparative literature the comparative study of various national literatures to identify common characteristics, mutual influences, common sources, or the like.
compare to note the likenesses and differences of. [5 definitions]
compare apples to oranges to make a comparison between two things that make no sense to be compared because they are not alike all.
compare notes to exchange opinions, impressions, or observations.
comparison the process or result of comparing or of being compared. [2 definitions]
compartment a part sectioned off from a larger whole. [3 definitions]
compartmentalize to divide or separate into compartments or categories.
compass an instrument for determining direction, esp. one with a horizontal magnetic needle that rotates freely until it points to the magnetic north. [9 definitions]
compassable combined form of compass.
compass card a round card showing the points of the compass and degrees of a circle that is fitted within a compass case.
compassion a feeling of sharing another's suffering, prompting a desire to relieve that suffering; commiseration; clemency.
compassionate filled with compassion; consoling; sympathetic.
compassionless combined form of compassion.
compatible able to exist or function harmoniously with another. [2 definitions]