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concurrent existing or occurring at the same time. [5 definitions]
concurrent jurisdiction the power of two or more courts to each hear and decide cases related to the same matter or in the same geographic area.
concurrent resolution a resolution passed by both houses of a bicameral legislative body that is not legally binding and does not require the chief executive's signature.
concuss to cause injury to by concussion.
concussion a violent shaking or heavy blow; shock. [2 definitions]
condemn to express extreme disapproval of; declare to be wrong, inadequate, or evil. [5 definitions]
condemnable combined form of condemn.
condemnation the act of condemning or the state of being condemned. [4 definitions]
condensate the liquid that results from condensation of a gas.
condensation the act or process of condensing. [3 definitions]
condense to make smaller, denser, or more compact; compress; concentrate. [5 definitions]
condensed milk whole milk thickened by evaporating some of the water and generally sweetened by adding sugar.
condenser one that condenses. [4 definitions]
condescend to agree to descend to a level less dignified or less privileged than one's own; deign. [2 definitions]
condescending displaying a belief that one is superior, due to having greater intelligence, being of a higher class, having greater importance, or the like.
condescension the act or an instance of condescending. [2 definitions]
condign well-deserved or fitting, esp. of punishment or reprimand.
condiment something used to flavor or season food, such as ketchup or relish.
condition a specific state of being or existence. [9 definitions]
conditionable combined form of condition.
conditional depending on or imposing a certain condition or conditions. [2 definitions]