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confabulate to talk informally or casually; chat. [2 definitions]
confabulation the act or an instance of chatting casually. [2 definitions]
confect to make up, put together, or manufacture by combining materials or ingredients. [2 definitions]
confection a sweetened candy or fruit. [2 definitions]
confectionary a candy shop; confectionery. [3 definitions]
confectioner a person who makes or sells confections or candies.
confectioners' sugar very finely powdered sugar with cornstarch added to prevent caking, used in making baked goods, candies, and the like.
confectionery confections or candies collectively. [3 definitions]
confederacy an alliance or union of persons, groups, states, or nations. [3 definitions]
confederate joined or united in a confederacy; allied. [6 definitions]
confederation the act or process of confederating or allying. [3 definitions]
confer to award or bestow. [2 definitions]
conferee one who participates in a conference. [2 definitions]
conference an organized meeting of persons with common interests, esp. professional interests, for the purpose of sharing information and opinions. [3 definitions]
conference call a telephone conversation or discussion in which three or more people participate at the same time.
conference committee in the U.S. Congress, a temporary panel assembled from members of both the Senate and House of Representatives to resolve differences between two versions of a particular bill and create a compromise version.
conference table a table large enough to accommodate the participants in a conference.
confess to reveal, admit, or concede as true, esp. something self-incriminating. [6 definitions]
confessable combined form of confess.
confessedly by admission; avowedly.
confession the act of confessing; admission; avowal. [4 definitions]