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Confucius a Chinese philosopher whose ethical teachings were introduced into Chinese religion; K'ung Fu-tzu (551?-479? B.C.).
confuse to combine in a disordered, unclear way; fail to distinguish between or among. [3 definitions]
confused having difficulty perceiving or understanding because of conflicting or otherwise incomprehensible information; perplexed; puzzled.
confusing consisting of conflicting facts or incomprehensible information and thereby causing perplexity or misunderstanding; bewildering; misleading.
confusion the act of confusing or state of being confused. [4 definitions]
confute to refute or prove incorrect; disprove.
conga a Latin American dance performed by a group that forms a long line in single file behind a leader. [4 definitions]
con game shortened form of "confidence game," a swindle made possible by first gaining the confidence of the victim.
congé a farewell or departure. [4 definitions]
congeal of a fluid or soft substance, to thicken or make solid, esp. by cooling or freezing. [2 definitions]
congener one of the same kind as another. [2 definitions]
congenial suited to or compatible with one's tastes or character, and therefore pleasing. [2 definitions]
congenital existing from birth, but usu. not hereditary. [2 definitions]
conger any of various large sea eels; conger eel.
congeries (used with a sing. or pl. verb) a collection of various things or ideas.
congest to fill to excess; overcrowd; clog. [3 definitions]
congested filled to excess; clogged; overcrowded.
congestion the condition of being excessively full, especially the condition of a road or highway being overly filled with traveling vehicles or pedestrians. [3 definitions]
conglomerate a mass of various components, esp. stony material composed of various kinds of rock. [5 definitions]
conglomeration a varied mass or mixture of persons, things, or substances. [2 definitions]
Congo Republic of the Congo, a country in Central Africa south of Gabon and north of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The Republic of the Congo was formerly known as the French Congo. Its capital is Brazzaville. [3 definitions]