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consonance agreement, correspondence, or harmony. [3 definitions]
consonant a sound in a language made by constricting or diverting the flow of air through the mouth using the tongue, teeth, lips, or other speech organs. The sounds represented by the letters "d," "k," "b," "s," and "m" are examples of consonants in English. [6 definitions]
consonantal of, characteristic of, or having consonants.
consonant shift a historical change or linked series of changes in the sound of consonants in a language or language family.
consort a wife or husband, esp. of a royal personage. [5 definitions]
consortium a combination of nations, companies, or the like, formed to provide large amounts of capital for a joint enterprise. [2 definitions]
conspectus a general overview; survey. [2 definitions]
conspicuous easily seen; noticeable. [2 definitions]
conspicuous consumption the accumulation of expensive goods and property in order to impress others.
conspiracy a secret agreement or plan among two or more persons to perform a crime or other wrongful act. [4 definitions]
conspirator a person who is involved in a conspiracy.
conspire to secretly agree or plan to perform a crime or other wrongful act with another person or persons. [3 definitions]
con spirito with spirit; vivaciously; energetically (used as a musical direction).
constable a peace officer, esp. in a small town or village. [2 definitions]
constabulary a district's police force or group of constables. [3 definitions]
constancy the quality of being constant or invariable, as in purpose, opinion, or devotion; steadfastness; loyalty. [2 definitions]
constant unchanging; uniform. [4 definitions]
Constantine I the ruler of the Roman Empire in 306-37 A.D. (b.280A.D.?--d.337 A.D.).
Constantinople the former name of Istanbul, from 330 A.D. to 1930.
constantly continuously; unceasingly. [3 definitions]
constellate to gather in, or as if in, a constellation; cluster.