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construct to put together by assembling component parts; build. [2 definitions]
constructable combined form of construct.
construction the act or process of building or constructing. [4 definitions]
constructionist a person who interprets a law, constitution, or the like in a specific way, such as literally or broadly.
construction paper heavy colored paper, used esp. by school children for drawing, crafts, and the like.
constructive serving to clarify or improve; helpful. [3 definitions]
constructivism an early twentieth-century art movement, originating in the Soviet Union, in which industrial materials were used to create massive nonrepresentational works.
construe to comprehend or explain the meaning or intention of; assign a meaning to; interpret. [6 definitions]
consubstantiation the Christian doctrine of the coexistence of the body and blood of Jesus Christ with the bread and wine of the Eucharist. (See transubstantiation.)
consul a national government official assigned to live in a foreign city in order to give assistance and protection to his or her nation's citizens who live or travel there, and to promote his or her country's commercial interests. [2 definitions]
consulate the buildings and grounds occupied by a consul. [2 definitions]
consul general the highest ranking consular officer.
consult to look to for advice or information. [4 definitions]
consultant one who offers advice or expertise to others on a professional basis. [2 definitions]
consultation the act or process of consulting. [2 definitions]
consultative advisory.
consulting offering professional advice or expertise.
consume to eat, drink, or ingest. [6 definitions]
consumedly to an extreme degree; excessively.
consumer one who purchases goods or services. [2 definitions]
consumer electronics electronic devices intended for personal use.