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continental drift the theory that the earth's continents shift their positions because of currents in the molten magma of the earth's mantle.
continental shelf the submerged rim of a continent, from which descent to the ocean floor is usu. precipitous.
contingency a future event that is possible but not likely. [3 definitions]
contingent depending on some factor, circumstance, or event; conditional (often fol. by "on" or "upon"). [4 definitions]
continual occurring without interruption or breaks; unceasing. [2 definitions]
continuance the act of continuing; continuation. [4 definitions]
continuation the act of continuing. [4 definitions]
continue to go on; persist. [7 definitions]
continued kept up; maintained.
continuing still going on or happening; not over.
continuity the quality or state of being continuous. [2 definitions]
continuo a continuous bass accompaniment on a keyboard instrument, used esp. in baroque music.
continuous extending or enduring without pausing or stopping; unceasing; unbroken.
continuous body a legislative body, such as the U.S. Senate, that achieves stability by staggering the terms of its members to prevent more than a minority of seats from changing in a single election.
continuum a continuous extent or whole, the parts of which cannot be separately perceived. [2 definitions]
contort to twist into an unusual or unnatural shape. [2 definitions]
contortion the act of contorting or process of being contorted. [3 definitions]
contortionist an acrobat who can twist his or her arms, legs, and body into unusual positions.
contour the outline of a surface, form, or figure; shape. [7 definitions]
contour map a map that shows elevation and land configuration with contour lines.
contra a member of a Nicaraguan counterrevolutionary group of the 1980s.