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contour map a map that shows elevation and land configuration with contour lines.
contra a member of a Nicaraguan counterrevolutionary group of the 1980s.
contra- opposite; against. [2 definitions]
contraband goods banned by law from being imported or exported. [5 definitions]
contraband of war war materials, such as weapons and ammunition, that may be confiscated by either side when transported to the other from a neutral government.
contrabass the largest and deepest-toned instrument of the violin family; double bass; bass viol. [4 definitions]
contrabassoon a bassoon that is larger than the ordinary bassoon and an octave lower in pitch; double bassoon.
contraception the prevention of conception; birth control.
contraceptive of, used for, or designed for the prevention of biological conception. [2 definitions]
contract an agreement, usu. legally binding, entered into by two or more parties that specifies what each party will do or not do. [8 definitions]
contract bridge a form of bridge in which only the number of tricks named in the contract may count toward a game, the excess tricks counting as a bonus score. (Cf. auction bridge.)
contractile able to contract or cause contraction.
contraction an act of contracting. [3 definitions]
contractor one who agrees by contract to do specified work or to supply goods at a certain price. [2 definitions]
contractual of, relating to, or specified in a contract.
contra dance a folk dance, similar to the quadrille, in which dancers often form lines and face each other. [2 definitions]
contradict to assert the opposite of; deny the truth of. [4 definitions]
contradictable combined form of contradict.
contradiction the act of contradicting, or the state of being in denial of or in complete disagreement with something else. [4 definitions]
contradictory involving, containing, or being a contradiction; inconsistent; contrary. [3 definitions]
contradistinction distinction by contrast or difference.