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convivial enjoying feasting, drinking, and socializing; sociable. [2 definitions]
convocation the act of convoking or the state of being convoked. [2 definitions]
convoke to summon to an assembly; convene.
convolute to wind around; coil. [2 definitions]
convoluted folded in twists and coils. [2 definitions]
convolution a complexity of coils, twists, and folds. [4 definitions]
convolve to roll, twist, or wind together; coil up.
convolvulus any of several twining, twisting, or erect plants bearing trumpet-shaped flowers and triangular leaves.
convoy to go with and protect, esp. by an armed force or ships. [5 definitions]
convulse to cause to shake heavily and uncontrollably, as with laughter, pain, or fear. [3 definitions]
convulsion a violent, involuntary, spasmodic contraction of the muscles. [3 definitions]
convulsive of, resembling, or afflicted by one or more convulsions or spasms.
cony a rabbit or rabbitlike animal such as a pika. [2 definitions]
coo to make the sound of, or a sound like, the low murmuring call of a dove or pigeon. [4 definitions]
co-occur combined form of occur.
co-occurrence combined form of occurrence.
co-official combined form of official.
cook to subject (food) to a heating process in preparation for eating. [7 definitions]
cookable combined form of cook.
cookbook a book containing recipes, directions for cooking, and other information about food.
cooker a usu. small appliance, utensil, or device used for cooking. [2 definitions]