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copy machine another name for photocopier.
copyreader one who edits and prepares newspaper copy for typesetting and publication.
copyright the exclusive legal right to make copies of, distribute, or perform all or part of a published or recorded work for a certain extended period of time. [3 definitions]
copyrightable combined form of copyright.
copywriter one who writes text for publication or broadcast, esp. for advertisements.
coq au vin a dish consisting of chicken browned and stewed in red wine with onions, mushrooms, and seasonings.
coquet to make playful romantic or sexual overtures; flirt. [2 definitions]
coquette a girl or woman who flirts excessively.
coquettishly in a playful or teasing manner; flirtatiously.
coquina limestone made from an aggregate of coral and seashell fragments, used in construction. [2 definitions]
cor- with; together. [2 definitions]
coracle a small rounded boat of waterproof material stretched over a frame of wood or wicker, used in western England, Wales, and Ireland.
coracoid a bone that extends from shoulder blade to breastbone in reptiles and birds, but that is only a rudimentary bony process in mammals. [2 definitions]
coral the hard skeleton secreted by certain marine polyps of tropical seas, deposited in masses that form reefs or atolls. [6 definitions]
coral reef a mound or ridge of coral skeletons and calcium deposits that forms in warm, shallow sea waters.
coralroot any of various leafless orchids with roots that resemble coral.
Coral Sea an arm of the southern Pacific Ocean located off the northwestern coast of Australia, extending to the north as far as New Guinea and the Soloman Islands and to the east by Vanuatu. The sea is the location of the Great Barrier Reef. It was also the scene of a fierce naval battle between Japan and the United States in World War II.
coral snake any of various small, poisonous snakes marked with bands of red, yellow, and black, found in subtropic regions and the southwestern United States.
corbel a bracket projecting from a wall to support an arch or cornice. [3 definitions]
cord a thick string or twine. [8 definitions]
cordage the ropes and lines of a ship or boat considered collectively; rigging. [2 definitions]