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coracoid a bone that extends from shoulder blade to breastbone in reptiles and birds, but that is only a rudimentary bony process in mammals. [2 definitions]
coral the hard skeleton secreted by certain marine polyps of tropical seas, deposited in masses that form reefs or atolls. [6 definitions]
coral reef a mound or ridge of coral skeletons and calcium deposits that forms in warm, shallow sea waters.
coralroot any of various leafless orchids with roots that resemble coral.
Coral Sea an arm of the southern Pacific Ocean located off the northwestern coast of Australia, extending to the north as far as New Guinea and the Soloman Islands and to the east by Vanuatu. The sea is the location of the Great Barrier Reef. It was also the scene of a fierce naval battle between Japan and the United States in World War II.
coral snake any of various small, poisonous snakes marked with bands of red, yellow, and black, found in subtropic regions and the southwestern United States.
corbel a bracket projecting from a wall to support an arch or cornice. [3 definitions]
cord a thick string or twine. [8 definitions]
cordage the ropes and lines of a ship or boat considered collectively; rigging. [2 definitions]
cordate resembling the conventional symbol for the heart in shape, as certain leaves.
corded made of, resembling, or provided with a cord or cords. [4 definitions]
cordial warm and gracious; courteous. [4 definitions]
cordiality friendly or kindly feeling. [2 definitions]
cordillera a mountain range, esp. the principal or axial mountain range of a land mass.
cordite a smokeless, slow-burning explosive formed into the shape of a cord, used in some ammunition.
cordless requiring no electric cord for use; battery-operated or rechargeable. [2 definitions]
cordless phone a telephone that consists of a battery-operated handset that communicates across short distances via radio waves to an electrically-powered unit that must be connected to a telephone line in order to function.
cordoba the chief monetary unit of Nicaragua, equaling one hundred centavos.
cordon a chain of guards or military stations forming a defense or containment line around an area. [3 definitions]
cordovan a smooth, soft, fine leather made of goatskin or split horsehide. [2 definitions]
corduroy a fabric, usu. cotton, with cords or cut pile woven in to form lengthwise ribs. [6 definitions]