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corncrib a ventilated structure for drying and storing ears of corn.
cornea the portion of the eyeball's outer coating that is transparent and covers the iris and pupil.
cornel any of the dogwood trees or shrubs.
cornelian variant of carnelian.
Cornell University an Ivy League university in Ithaca, New York, founded in 1865.
corner the place where two lines or surfaces meet to form an angle. [10 definitions]
cornerback in football, one of two players on the outer edges of the defensive secondary who guard against end runs and cover wide receivers.
cornered with corners. [2 definitions]
cornerstone a stone placed at the corner joining two masonry walls. [3 definitions]
cornerwise proceeding from one corner of a rectangle through the center to the opposite corner; diagonally. [3 definitions]
cornet a brass wind instrument resembling a compact trumpet. [2 definitions]
cornfield a field in which corn is cultivated.
cornflakes a commercially prepared breakfast cereal made of small toasted flakes of coarse cornmeal, usu. eaten in milk.
cornflower a garden plant native to Eurasian grasslands, bearing bluish white to purplish or pink flowers; bluebottle; bachelor's button. [2 definitions]
cornhusking the action of removing the husks from ears of corn. [2 definitions]
cornice in architecture, a decorative horizontal projection running near or along the upper edge of a wall or building; molding. [4 definitions]
Cornish of, concerning, or typical of Cornwall, its people, or their ancient Celtic language. [2 definitions]
corn liquor see "corn whiskey."
cornmeal a coarse meal ground from corn.
corn pone in the southern United States, bread made of corn meal, without eggs or milk, and usu. baked in small oval loaves.
cornrow a section of hair braided tightly and close to the scalp. [3 definitions]