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corpus luteum a ductless gland which forms within the ovary, resulting from the reorganization of a follicle upon release of its ovum. [2 definitions]
corral an enclosed area in which horses or cattle are kept. [4 definitions]
correct to make accurate; remove mistakes from. [5 definitions]
correctable combined form of correct.
correction the act of correcting. [3 definitions]
corrective having correction as its intended purpose or effect; remedial or rectifying. [2 definitions]
correctly in the correct or proper way; without error.
correlate to arrange, as two sets of data, so as to demonstrate or emphasize their causal, reciprocal, complementary, or parallel relationship. [4 definitions]
correlation a relationship or correspondence between two or more things. [3 definitions]
correlative related in a mutually dependent or reciprocal way, as life forms. [4 definitions]
correspond to be in agreement or accordance; match (often followed by "with" or "to"). [3 definitions]
correspondence agreement or accordance between or among specific things. [3 definitions]
correspondence school a school that mails study materials and examinations to its students, who return them by mail to the school for grading.
correspondent a person who writes letters to another, esp. over a period of time. [4 definitions]
corresponding similar in function, purpose, or the like. [3 definitions]
corrida (Spanish) a bullfight.
corridor a hall or passageway between two rows of rooms or compartments. [3 definitions]
corrigendum an error, esp. in print, indicated along with its correction. [2 definitions]
corrigible capable of or susceptible to being reformed or corrected.
corroborate to support with evidence or testimony; certify the truth of.
corrode to cause to wear away by degrees, esp. by chemical action. [3 definitions]