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correspondence school a school that mails study materials and examinations to its students, who return them by mail to the school for grading.
correspondent a person who writes letters to another, esp. over a period of time. [4 definitions]
corresponding similar in function, purpose, or the like. [3 definitions]
corrida (Spanish) a bullfight.
corridor a hall or passageway between two rows of rooms or compartments. [3 definitions]
corrigendum an error, esp. in print, indicated along with its correction. [2 definitions]
corrigible capable of or susceptible to being reformed or corrected.
corroborate to support with evidence or testimony; certify the truth of.
corrode to cause to wear away by degrees, esp. by chemical action. [3 definitions]
corrosion the act, process, or condition of being dissolved or eaten away gradually, esp. by chemical action. [2 definitions]
corrosive capable of causing or tending to cause corrosion. [3 definitions]
corrosive sublimate see "mercuric chloride."
corrugate to shape or bend or become shaped or bent into parallel, wavelike ridges and grooves. [2 definitions]
corrugation the act of corrugating or the condition or process of being corrugated. [2 definitions]
corrupt dishonest, disloyal, unjust, or otherwise immoral. [11 definitions]
corruptible being open to corruption.
corruption the act of making corrupt or depraved. [5 definitions]
corsage a small bunch of flowers worn by a woman, usu. at the shoulder or waist or on the wrist. [2 definitions]
corsair a pirate or privateer, esp. along the Barbary Coast. [2 definitions]
corselet a woman's supporting undergarment that combines brassiere and girdle. [2 definitions]
corset a stiff, close-fitting undergarment worn to shape or support the middle part of the body. [2 definitions]