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counterinstitution combined form of institution.
counterinsurgency a government program or action designed to defeat a rebellion or guerilla insurgency. [2 definitions]
counterintelligence a program of a government or other organization to frustrate enemy espionage, intelligence gathering, and subversion.
counterinterpretation combined form of interpretation.
counterirritant something that produces a slight local irritation, as of the skin, to counteract or relieve a more serious, general inflammation.
counterman a man who serves customers from behind a counter, as in a diner or cafeteria.
countermand to rescind or cancel (an order). [2 definitions]
countermarch a march back over the same route. [3 definitions]
countermeasure an act or procedure designed to frustrate another act or procedure, as in nuclear warfare.
countermemo combined form of memo.
countermobilization combined form of mobilization.
countermove a move made in order to oppose or retaliate. [2 definitions]
countermovement combined form of movement.
countermyth combined form of myth.
counteroffensive a military attack undertaken to frustrate an enemy attack.
counterorder combined form of order.
counterpane something, such as a quilt, used to cover a bed; bedspread.
counterpart someone or something that is similar or identical to another. [3 definitions]
counterperson a person who serves customers from behind a counter, as in a diner or cafeteria.
counterpetition combined form of petition.
counterpicket combined form of picket.