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coupling the act or process of joining; the forming of a couple; pairing; copulating. [2 definitions]
coupon a small printed slip of paper that entitles the bearer to something of value or potential, such as a discount or a chance in a sweepstakes. [3 definitions]
courage the quality of will that enables a person to confront fear or danger regardless of the consequences; bravery.
courageous characterized by bravery or courage.
courgette (chiefly British) a cucumber-shaped vegetable with a smooth, dark green rind; a zucchini.
courier someone who delivers messages, packages, and the like, esp. for a government, military organization, or business.
course progression; movement. [10 definitions]
courser1 someone who participates in the sport of chasing game with dogs. [2 definitions]
courser2 a fast, spirited horse.
coursework written, oral, or practical work done by a student during a course of study, usually evaluated as part of the student's grade. [2 definitions]
court an open space, usu. adjacent to a building, that is wholly or partially enclosed; courtyard. [9 definitions]
court-bouillon a broth made from fish or seafood, cooked in wine or water with vegetables and herbs, and used in fish dishes, soups, and the like.
courteous displaying or marked by politeness, good manners, or graciousness toward other people.
courtesan a female prostitute, esp. a mistress or sexual partner of a wealthy or high-ranking man.
courtesy politeness, good manners, or consideration for other people. [3 definitions]
courtesy card a card that identifies the bearer and entitles him or her to certain privileges, as at a store, bank, hotel, or club.
courthouse a government building containing law courts and administrative offices.
courtier someone who is part of a monarch's or noble's court. [2 definitions]
courtly refined and elegant in behavior and manner. [3 definitions]
court-martial a military court that tries those subject to it for violations of military law. [4 definitions]
court of appeals (sometimes cap.) a state or federal court, to which requests for case reviews or retrials are presented, that decides whether the rulings and judgment of the court below were correct or not; appellate court.