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cowling the removable metal housing of an aircraft engine, often designed as part of the fuselage.
cowman a man who owns cattle or manages a cattle ranch. [2 definitions]
coworker one of two or more persons who work together; fellow worker.
cowpea an annual vine plant that bears long seed pods, grown in the southern United States as feed for domestic animals and as a fertilizer. [2 definitions]
cowpoke (informal) a person who tends cattle; cowboy.
cow pony a horse that is trained and used for herding cattle.
cowpox a skin disease in cattle, caused by a virus that is used to produce a vaccine against smallpox in humans.
cowpuncher (informal) a cowboy.
cowrite combined form of write.
cowry a tropical marine mollusk having a glossy and colorfully marked shell that is used as money in some Asian and African cultures. [2 definitions]
cowshed a shelter for cows when not at pasture.
cowslip a European primrose bearing a fragrant yellow flower. [2 definitions]
cox (informal) a coxswain. [2 definitions]
coxa the hip or its joint. [2 definitions]
coxalgia pain or disease in the hip or its joint.
coxcomb a pretentious or conceited dandy; show-off.
coxless combined form of cox.
coxswain one in command of a ship's boat. [2 definitions]
coy artfully shy or retiring; playfully but calculatingly reticent. [3 definitions]
coyote a small wolflike carnivore of North America.
coypu a large, beaverlike water animal of South America.