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crab apple any of various small, hard, tart apples, wild or cultivated, used esp. for making jelly. [2 definitions]
crabbed irritable or ill-tempered; grouchy. [2 definitions]
crabby somewhat irritable; bad-tempered.
crab grass any of several wild, coarse grasses that easily root, spread, and displace other plants and grasses, esp. in cultivated lawns.
crab louse a louse that infests the human pubic area or armpit and causes severe itching.
Crab nebula a nebula in the constellation Taurus that contains a pulsar.
crack to break apart with a snapping sound. [15 definitions]
crack a book to open a book and read it, or to discipline oneself to study.
crackbrain a person without sense or reason; one who is insane.
crackbrained utterly foolish or insane.
crack down to increase the severity with which rules, laws, or the like are enforced, esp. to combat abuses or rectify a problem. [2 definitions]
crackdown an increase in the severity with which rules, laws, or the like are enforced, esp. to combat abuses or rectify a problem.
cracked partially separated; broken. [3 definitions]
cracked wheat coarsely processed wheat.
cracker a thin, crisp biscuit or wafer, not usually sweetened. [4 definitions]
cracker-barrel resembling the rambling, informal discussions of persons gathered at a country store.
crackerjack an excellent person or thing. [2 definitions]
cracking the process of breaking down heavier hydrocarbons into lighter ones by heat, pressure, or catalysts, as in distilling petroleum to make gasoline. [3 definitions]
crackle to make a series of small snapping noises. [9 definitions]
crackleware ceramic, porcelain, or the like, with a finely cracked glaze or surface.
crackling a series of slight, sharp, popping or snapping sounds, as from an open wood fire. [3 definitions]