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crackle to make a series of small snapping noises. [9 definitions]
crackleware ceramic, porcelain, or the like, with a finely cracked glaze or surface.
crackling a series of slight, sharp, popping or snapping sounds, as from an open wood fire. [3 definitions]
crackly tending or likely to crackle; crisp.
crackpot (informal) a person whose behavior or ideas are considered bizarre. [2 definitions]
crack up (informal) to break into uncontrollable laughter. [2 definitions]
crack-up a collision of a vehicle; crash. [2 definitions]
-cracy rule; government.
cradle a baby's bed, usu. mounted on rockers. [6 definitions]
cradlesong a lullaby.
-craft skill or practice involving (something specified).
craft skill or aptitude, esp. in making things by hand or in the arts. [6 definitions]
crafts activities that use the hands to make things that decorate or are useful in a home.
craftsman a man who practices a craft or skilled trade; artisan. [2 definitions]
craftsperson a craftsman or craftswoman.
craftswoman a woman who practices a craft or skilled trade; artisan. [2 definitions]
craft union a labor union whose members are workers in the same craft or trade.
crafty having or using sly or cunning shrewdness.
crag a steeply jutting or overhanging mass of rock, as on a mountain or headland.
craggy marked by or having crags; rugged, steep, or rough. [2 definitions]
crake any of several long-legged, short-billed rails.