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cross-country skiing the sport of skiing over fields or through woods where the terrain is relatively flat and using somewhat narrow skis that are not attached to the back of the ski boot, making it possible for skiers to lift their heels as they stride forward.
cross-cultural relating to or comparing two or more cultures. [2 definitions]
crosscurrent a current, as in a river, that moves at an angle to the main current. [2 definitions]
crosscut designed or used for cutting across. [4 definitions]
crosse a long-handled stick with a net pouch attached to one end, used to catch, throw, or carry a lacrosse ball.
cross-examine to question thoroughly and insistently, often for the purpose of comparing responses with those of earlier questioning. [2 definitions]
cross-eye a condition in which one or both eyes turn toward each other. (See strabismus.)
cross-fertilize to fertilize by pollen, sperm, or another male gamete from a different individual, or with different genes or from a different species.
crossfire a volley of projectiles, esp. gunfire, directed at some central point from two separated positions. [2 definitions]
cross-grained of lumber, having a grain that runs across or diagonally to the length. [2 definitions]
cross hairs the two fine hairs, wires, or the like, one vertical and the other horizontal, that cross at right angles in an optical instrument such as a gunsight and that aid the viewer in aiming or focusing accurately.
crosshatch to shade (a drawing or the like) using many parallel and intersecting lines.
crossing a place where two roads, routes, or railroad tracks, or a combination of these, intersect. [3 definitions]
crossing guard a school official, police officer, or volunteer who directs traffic and helps children to cross the streets around a school.
cross-legged with the ankles close to the body and crossed, and the knees wide apart. [2 definitions]
crossly in an ill-tempered manner.
crossness the state of being ill-tempered.
cross out to remove something by drawing a line through it.
crosspatch (informal) an easily annoyed, bad-tempered person.
crosspiece anything, such as a bar, placed across something else.
cross-pollinate to pollinate by placing pollen from one plant on the pistil of another of a different type.