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cry over spilt milk to worry unduly about something that cannot be undone.
crypt a burial chamber or underground vault, esp. one beneath a church.
cryptanalysis the decoding of secret messages, esp. those employing ciphers and codes. [2 definitions]
cryptanalyst a specialist in decoding secret messages, esp. those employing ciphers and codes.
cryptic difficult to understand; ambiguous or mysterious in meaning. [3 definitions]
crypto- hidden; secret.
cryptogam any of the plants, such as ferns and algae, that bear no flowers or seeds, reproducing instead by spores.
cryptogram a message written so as to conceal its meaning by the use of a cipher or code. [2 definitions]
cryptography the science or art of creating and decoding secret messages, esp. those employing ciphers and codes. [2 definitions]
cryptozoic (cap.) of or pertaining to Precambrian rock strata yielding few and very primitive fossils. [3 definitions]
crystal a naturally symmetrical or layered solid, such as diamond or quartz, with a regularly repeating three-dimensional atomic, ionic, or molecular structure. [7 definitions]
crystal ball a globe of glass or quartz crystal used by fortune-tellers to foretell events in the future.
crystal detector a simple radio receiver made of a semiconducting crystal touched by a fine wire.
crystal gazing the practice of studying and interpreting images of future events, supposed to appear in a ball of polished glass or crystal.
crystalline of or made of crystal. [3 definitions]
crystalline lens a transparent, biconvex, lenslike body in the eye, between the iris and the vitreous humor, that focuses light on the retina.
crystallite a tiny crystal that typically forms as a material cools.
crystallize to convert into or cause to become crystals. [4 definitions]
crystallo- crystal.
crystallographic of, pertaining to, or involving the study of crystals.
crystallography the science of the formation, composition, and characteristics of crystals.