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cut down to lessen (often fol. by "on").
cute attractive or charming in a sweet or heartwarming way; darling. [3 definitions]
cutesy (informal) straining to be attractive, clever, or the like; affected, forced, or in questionable taste.
cut glass glass that is shaped or decorated by cutting, incising, or grinding.
cuticle the outer layer of the skin; epidermis. [3 definitions]
cutie (informal) a charming or attractive person, animal, or thing, esp. a girl or young woman.
cutin a waxy mixture of fatty substances found in the nonliving cuticle of plants.
cut in to move oneself abruptly in or between. [2 definitions]
cutinization a process in which the outer cells of plants become thick and covered with cutin, making them waterproof.
cutis in vertebrates, the true skin, including the dermis and the epidermis.
cutlass a short thick sword with one cutting edge and usu. a curved blade.
cutler a person who makes, repairs, or sells knives and other cutting tools.
cutlery cutting tools such as knives and scissors, considered collectively. [3 definitions]
cutlet a thin boneless piece of meat, usu. sliced from the leg or ribs. [2 definitions]
cutline a descriptive legend, such as one beneath a photograph, diagram, or the like; caption.
cutoff a prescribed terminal point or limit. [5 definitions]
cut off one's nose to spite one's face to take spiteful or vengeful action that causes pain or disadvantage to oneself.
cutoff switch a device that turns off a machine by stopping the flow of electricity.
cut one's wisdom teeth to attain maturity; arrive at an age when decisions must be made and discretion practiced.
cutout something that has been or is made to be cut out, such as a paper doll. [2 definitions]
cut out to delete. [2 definitions]