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Darfur a region of western Sudan.
Dari the dialect of Persian spoken in Afghanistan and one of its two official languages, the other being Pashto.
daring willingness to take risks; boldness. [4 definitions]
Darjeeling a variety of black tea grown in the mountainous region around Darjeeling, India.
dark characterized by a lack of light. [7 definitions]
Dark Ages the Middle Ages, esp. from about 476 A.D. to the end of the tenth century, so called because of intellectual, cultural, and social decline and stagnation.
darken to cause to be dark or darker. [6 definitions]
dark horse an unknown contestant or one who unexpectedly wins a race, esp. a horse race. [2 definitions]
dark-horse of, pertaining to, or characteristic of a contestant or candidate that might win unexpectedly.
dark lantern a lantern with a sliding panel or shutter that can be used to hide the light.
darkly so as to be dark or obscure. [2 definitions]
darkness the absence of light. [4 definitions]
darkroom a room made lightproof and equipped for processing photographic materials.
darky (old-fashioned; offensive) a black person.
darling a deeply loved person (used esp. in direct address). [5 definitions]
darn1 to mend, esp. by weaving thread or yarn over a hole in fabric. [2 definitions]
darn2 (informal) used as a mild form of damned or cursed; darned. [4 definitions]
darned (informal) damned or cursed in a mild way; darn. [2 definitions]
darnel any of several flat-leaved grasses.
darning the act of mending a hole or tear, esp. by using interwoven stitches. [2 definitions]
darning needle a large needle with a big eye, used in darning. [2 definitions]