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dash to hurl or thrust (something) violently, esp. so as to break or shatter. [12 definitions]
dashboard in an automobile or other vehicle, a panel below the windshield containing dials, controls, and compartments.
dashi a broth used in Japanese cookery that is typically made from dried bonito, kelp, or sardine, or a combination of these.
dashiki a loose, brightly colored tunic or pullover shirt of African origin.
dashing bold and gallant; exciting; daring. [2 definitions]
dash light a light used to illuminate the instrument panel of a motor vehicle, esp. at night.
dassent (dialectal) a regional pronunciation of "darest not," "darest" being an older second person singular, present tense form of the verb "dare."
dastard a coward who sneakily does harm. [2 definitions]
dastardly cowardly; mean; sneaky.
dasymeter an instrument for measuring gas density.
dasyure any of various small nocturnal Australian marsupials, including the Tasmanian devil, that eat insects or flesh.
data (used with a sing. or pl. verb) plural form of datum, an individual piece of information that is used to draw a conclusion.
database a large collection of information arranged for quick retrieval, updating, or the like, esp. such a collection in a computer.
data processing the recording, organizing, and storing of information, esp. by computers, in accordance with strictly defined procedures.
data processor a person who compiles data or enters data into a computer for processing. [2 definitions]
data set a collection of data records to be analyzed.
date1 a specific day or point in time, usu. described by indicating the month, day, and year. [11 definitions]
date2 the edible fruit of the date palm tree of the Middle East.
dated having a date. [2 definitions]
dateless having no date. [3 definitions]
dateline at the beginning of a news article, a line giving the place and usu. the date of its origin.