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definitive most reliable, complete, or authoritative. [3 definitions]
deflate to cause to shrink or collapse, esp. by releasing air or gas. [4 definitions]
deflation the action or condition of collapsing or being collapsed or depressed, as by release of contained air. [2 definitions]
deflect to turn aside or slant away from a straight course; swerve.
deflectable combined form of deflect.
deflection the act or fact of being deflected. [3 definitions]
deflower to end a woman's virginity by sexual intercourse. [3 definitions]
defog to remove the condensed moisture or fog from (a mirror, windshield, or the like).
defoliant a chemical spray or dust that causes plants' leaves to drop off.
defoliate to remove the leaves of (a tree or the like). [4 definitions]
deforest to remove the trees or forests from.
deforestation the removal of forest or trees from an area of land.
deform to damage or distort the shape or form of; misshape; mutilate. [4 definitions]
deformable combined form of deform.
deformation the act of deforming or condition of being deformed. [2 definitions]
deformed having a disfigured, warped, or distorted shape; misshapen.
deformity the condition of being deformed, misshapen, or distorted. [3 definitions]
defraud to deprive of something by wrongful and usu. unlawful deception; cheat; swindle.
defray to pay or assist in the payment of (costs or the like).
defrayable combined form of defray.
defrock to strip or deprive of the rights, rank, authority, and functions of a particular office or profession, esp. that of priest; unfrock.