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Department of Defense the U.S. federal department of the executive branch of government responsible for national security, military policy, and military forces. The Department of Defense includes the Army, Navy, and Air Force.
Department of Homeland Security an executive department of the U.S. federal government whose mission is to protect U.S. citizens and property from terrorist assault.
department store a large retail store organized into departments, each of which orders, displays, and sells certain types of merchandise.
departure the act or an occasion of leaving or going away. [2 definitions]
depend to trust or rely (usu. fol. by "on" or "upon"). [2 definitions]
dependable deserving of trust or confidence; reliable.
dependence the condition of being dependent on another for help or support. [5 definitions]
dependency the condition of being dependent. [2 definitions]
dependent relying on another for help or support. [4 definitions]
dependent clause a clause that is syntactically not a complete sentence and is used only with an independent clause where it has the function of a noun, adjective, or adverb, such as "when he arrived" in "He seemed tired when he arrived"; subordinate clause; relative clause.
dependent colony colony in which a majority native population is ruled by a small number of representatives from the controlling nation.
depersonalize to cause to lose individual identity or characteristics. [2 definitions]
depict to portray or represent, as in a painting, sculpture, or written work.
depilate to remove hair from (hides, skin, or the like).
depilatory able or designed to remove hair. [2 definitions]
deplane to get off an airplane.
deplete to lessen drastically; exhaust.
depletion the act or process of depleting.
deplorable deserving of contempt, censure, or reproach; very bad; wretched. [2 definitions]
deplore to feel or show strong disapproval of. [2 definitions]
deploy to move, position, or distribute so as to make ready or effective for a particular purpose. [5 definitions]