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deployable combined form of deploy.
deployment an act of deploying, esp. the placement of military forces in preparation for combat.
depolarize to remove, destroy, or counteract polarity or polarization.
deponent someone who makes a sworn statement, esp. in written form.
depopulate to eliminate or decrease vastly the number of people in (a place), as by eviction, disease, or slaughter.
deport to eject from a country under the law.
deportable combined form of deport.
deportation the legal expulsion from a country of an undesirable person, esp. an illegal alien or criminal.
deportment the way someone acts; behavior; demeanor.
depose to deprive of rank or office, esp. from an important position such as that of king. [3 definitions]
deposit to hand over, esp. for safekeeping, as to a bank account. [10 definitions]
depositary a person or firm that is given responsibility for something; trustee. [2 definitions]
deposition a sworn statement, usu. in writing, for use as testimony by an absent witness in a court of law. [3 definitions]
depositor a person who deposits something, such as money in a bank.
depository any place used for depositing things, esp. a safe place. [2 definitions]
depot a bus or train station. [2 definitions]
deprave to change for the worse, esp. morally; corrupt; pervert.
depravity moral corruption; wickedness. [2 definitions]
deprecate to disparage or treat as having small value; depreciate. [2 definitions]
deprecatory expressing disapproval; deprecating.
depreciate to lower the cost or value of, esp. of property for tax purposes, or of money. [3 definitions]