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diagrammatic of or in the form of a diagram.
dial a disk or plate, usu. with numbers and a pointer indicating gradations of a measure such as speed, pressure, or the like. [8 definitions]
dial. abbreviation of "dialect."
dialect a variety of a language that is peculiar to a region, social class, or occupation and that differs from the standard language in pronunciation, usage, and vocabulary. [2 definitions]
dialectic of or relating to logical analysis and argumentation. [6 definitions]
dialectical of, involving, or by means of dialectic.
dialectical materialism a materialist philosophy and conception of history developed by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels through their application of Hegel's dialectical method.
dialectician a person who applies or is skilled in dialectic.
dialectologist a person who specializes in the study of dialects.
dialing code (chiefly British) the digits at the beginning of a telephone number that signify one of a country's telephone districts; area code.
dialog box a window generated by a computer program that appears on the screen to ask for information from the person using the computer.
dialogue talk between two or more people or between characters in a play, film, novel, or the like. [5 definitions]
dial tone the steady hum or buzzing sound in a telephone receiver indicating that the line is open and a number may be dialed.
dial-up related to or being a form of internet access that uses a telephone line to connect a computer to an internet service provider.
dialysis the separation of substances in a solution by diffusion through a semipermeable membrane, used to eliminate impurities from the blood in patients with kidney failure.
dialyze to subject to dialysis; separate or obtain by dialysis. [2 definitions]
diamagnetic in physics, of or relating to a group of substances that in a magnetic field become magnetic in an opposite direction to that of iron.
diamanté decorated with pieces of glittering material or items, such as rhinestones. [2 definitions]
diameter in geometry, a straight line passing through the center of a circle or sphere and having its ends on the circumference or surface. [3 definitions]
diametrical entirely opposite; completely different.
diamine any of various chemical compounds containing two amino groups.