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diamagnetic in physics, of or relating to a group of substances that in a magnetic field become magnetic in an opposite direction to that of iron.
diamanté decorated with pieces of glittering material or items, such as rhinestones. [2 definitions]
diameter in geometry, a straight line passing through the center of a circle or sphere and having its ends on the circumference or surface. [3 definitions]
diametrical entirely opposite; completely different.
diamine any of various chemical compounds containing two amino groups.
diamond a clear, very hard crystalline form of carbon, used in jewelry and in abrasives and cutting tools. [7 definitions]
diamondback any of several rattlesnakes or turtles having diamond-shaped markings.
diamond wedding a sixtieth or seventy-fifth wedding anniversary.
Diana in Roman mythology, a goddess associated with the moon and hunting, and a protector of women; Artemis.
dianthus any of various plants related to pinks, such as the carnation or sweet william.
diapason a rich, swelling passage of harmonious music. [3 definitions]
diapause a physiological state of dormancy occurring between periods of activity.
diaper a baby's undergarment of absorbent cloth or paper folded between the legs and fastened at the waist. [2 definitions]
diaphanous of fabric or the like, almost transparent; sheer; filmy; delicate. [2 definitions]
diaphoresis perspiration, esp. when heavy or medically caused.
diaphragm in anatomy, a wall of muscle or membranous material separating two spaces, esp. the muscle wall separating the thorax and abdomen in mammals. [5 definitions]
diaphragmatic of, pertaining to, or like a diaphragm.
diaphysis the shaft or middle part of a long bone.
diarrhea an intestinal condition characterized by frequent and watery bowel movements.
diary a daily record, esp. of a person's experiences, reflections, and private thoughts. [3 definitions]
Diaspora the scattering of Jews among the Gentiles after the Babylonian exile. [3 definitions]