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diatropism the tendency of some plant organs to assume a position at a right angle to the direction of an external stimulus.
diazepam a tranquilizing drug, first marketed as Valium, that relaxes the muscles and relieves anxiety and depression.
diazine any chemical compound in which four carbon atoms and two nitrogen atoms are arranged in a ring.
dibasic designating an acid having two replaceable hydrogen atoms. [2 definitions]
dibble a small pointed hand tool used to make holes in the ground for bulbs, seeds, or the like. [2 definitions]
dibranchiate any of various tentacled mollusks, such as octopus and squid, that have one pair of gills.
dibs (informal) a right or claim to something. [2 definitions]
dice small cubes with dots on each side numbering one to six, often used in pairs for board games and games of chance. [4 definitions]
dicephalous two-headed, as an abnormal fetus.
dicey (informal) chancy or dangerous; risky.
dichloride a chemical compound that contains two atoms of chlorine for each other element or group. (See bichloride.)
dichotomy division or separation into two usu. opposed parts, positions, or opinions. [2 definitions]
dichromate a chemical compound that contains two chromium atoms per molecule, characterized by an orange-red color; bichromate.
dichromatic having or showing two colors. [3 definitions]
dichromic1 able to recognize only two colors; colorblind; dichromatic.
dichromic2 containing two chromium atoms per molecule.
dick (slang) a detective. [2 definitions]
dickcissel a sparrowlike American songbird characterized, in the male, by a yellow breast and a black mark at the throat.
dickens devil; deuce (usu. prec. by "the").
dicker to argue over price or value; bargain; haggle. [2 definitions]
dickey a woman's blouse front for wearing under a jacket or for covering the neckline. [5 definitions]