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dinky (informal) very small; insignificant.
dinner the chief meal of the day. [2 definitions]
dinner jacket a man's semiformal jacket for evening wear; tuxedo. [2 definitions]
dinnerless combined form of dinner.
dinner ring a ring set with a gem or group of gemstones, worn by a woman on formal occasions.
dinnertime the time at which dinner is ready, or the period when dinner is being eaten.
dinnerware dishes, glassware, and silverware used in serving a meal. [2 definitions]
dinoflagellate any of an order of single-celled marine organisms, classified variously as algae and protozoa, that have two flagella, are usu. luminescent, and include forms responsible for red tide. [2 definitions]
dinosaur one of various extinct reptiles that lived approximately 100 million years ago and included the largest land creatures. [2 definitions]
dint force or impact.
diocesan of or relating to a diocese. [2 definitions]
diocese a group of churches or an administrative region under the jurisdiction of a bishop; bishopric.
diode a conductor in which electrical current may move in only one direction. [2 definitions]
dioecious esp. of plants, having the male and female reproductive organs in separate individuals.
Dione one of several moons of the planet Saturn.
Dionysian of or relating to Dionysus. [2 definitions]
Dionysus in Greek mythology, the god of wine and of an orgiastic religious cult; Bacchus.
diopter a unit of measure of the refractive power of a lens, equal to the power of a lens with a one-meter focal length.
diorama a scene represented by three-dimensional objects placed in front of a painted background, as in a natural history museum. [2 definitions]
dioxide a compound containing two atoms of oxygen bound to a single atom of another element.
dioxin a highly poisonous hydrocarbon that occurs as an impurity in some herbicides, defoliants, and other chemical compounds, and sometimes as a byproduct of incineration.