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distinguishable combined form of distinguish.
distinguished marked by excellence or renown; eminent. [2 definitions]
distome any of various parasitic flatworms that have two suckers, one at the front and the other at the rear of the underside.
distort to twist out of shape; deform the appearance or functioning of. [2 definitions]
distortion the act of distorting or condition of being distorted. [2 definitions]
distract to divert the attention of. [2 definitions]
distractable combined form of distract.
distracted unable to concentrate with full attention, or characterized by such inability. [2 definitions]
distraction the act of distracting or the state of being distracted. [3 definitions]
distrain to seize and hold (property), or the property of (someone), to force payment or settlement, as of a debt, claim, rent, or the like.
distrainable combined form of distrain.
distraint in law, the act of seizing and holding goods as security against a debt, as for rent, damages, or the like.
distrait not paying attention because of worrying distractions.
distraught anxiously worried; distracted. [2 definitions]
distress physical or emotional stress or suffering, or anything that causes suffering. [4 definitions]
distressed suffering from distress. [3 definitions]
distressful causing distress or anxiety; troubling; worrisome; upsetting.
distressing causing physical or emotional pain, worry, or suffering.
distribute to divide into parts and give out to each of several people, groups, or the like. [3 definitions]
distribution the act of distributing. [6 definitions]
distributive dividing or distributing, or of or involving distribution. [4 definitions]