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divest to take rights or property away from; dispossess, esp. by legal means. [4 definitions]
divide to separate into parts or factions. [8 definitions]
divided separated into sections or pieces. [3 definitions]
dividend a pro-rata share of a company's distributed earnings paid to stockholders or insurance policyholders. [4 definitions]
dividendless combined form of dividend.
divider that which separates, divides, or partitions. [2 definitions]
divination the act of prophecy or revelation by interpreting omens or by supernatural means. [3 definitions]
divine of, from, pertaining to, or characteristic of a god or gods. [12 definitions]
Divine Comedy a rhymed medieval Italian epic poem written by Dante Alighieri, describing his imaginary progression from Hell through Purgatory to Paradise.
divine office (sometimes caps.) the readings and prayers for the various canonical hours in the Roman Catholic Church.
divine right of kings the doctrine that a monarch's right to rule comes directly from God, not from the people.
diving the activity or sport of propelling oneself into water, usually headfirst.
diving bell a large metal chamber used for underwater work and supplied with air under pressure equal to that of the surrounding water.
diving board a rigidly supported springboard that projects over water, used for diving.
diving suit any of various outfits worn by underwater divers, esp. a heavy, sealed garment with a detachable helmet that supplies pumped air.
divining rod a forked stick used by dowsers to search for underground water; dowsing rod.
divinity the quality of being godlike. [4 definitions]
divisible capable of being divided, or of being divided equally with no remainder.
division the act of dividing or separating into parts or factions. [7 definitions]
division sign a mathematical sign consisting of a small horizontal line with a dot above and below it, indicating that the numeral preceding it is to be divided by the numeral following it.
divisive causing division or discord. [2 definitions]