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divorced no longer married because of divorce.
divorcee a woman whose marriage has been legally ended.
divot a piece of turf torn up by a golf club in making a stroke.
divulge to disclose (usu. something confidential or secret).
divvy (informal) to share (often fol. by "up").
Dixie the southern states of the United States, esp. those forming the Confederacy during the Civil War. [2 definitions]
Dixieland an early style of small-group jazz, characterized by a strict two-beat rhythm and by improvised ensemble and solo playing. [2 definitions]
diya a small, open-dish oil lamp made of baked clay, used in India and Nepal.
dizzy having a sensation of spinning and loss of balance; giddy. [7 definitions]
DJ one who plays recorded music and provides commentary over the radio or at an event or venue; disc jockey. [3 definitions]
Djakarta variant of Jakarta.
djellaba a long, loose-fitting garment with a hood and full sleeves, worn especially in northern Africa.
Djibouti an East African country on the Gulf of Aden and bordered by Eritrea, Ethiopia, and Somalia. [2 definitions]
dl abbreviation of "deciliter," or "deciliters," a unit of capacity equal to one tenth of a liter or 3.39 fluid ounces.
D layer the lowest layer of the ionosphere, about forty-five to eighty miles above the earth.
dm abbreviation of "decimeter," or "decimeters," a unit of length equal to one tenth of a meter or 3.937 inches.
DMSO a colorless nontoxic liquid that penetrates the skin rapidly, used as a solvent and sometimes a medicine; dimethyl sulfoxide.
DMV abbreviation of "Department of Motor Vehicles."
DMZ abbreviation of "demilitarized zone."
DNA abbreviation of deoxyribonucleic acid; any of several acids occurring mainly in cellular nuclei and involved in the transmission of hereditary traits and the formation of proteins..
do1 to engage in (some activity); busy oneself with. [13 definitions]