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divvy (informal) to share (often fol. by "up").
Dixie the southern states of the United States, esp. those forming the Confederacy during the Civil War. [2 definitions]
Dixieland an early style of small-group jazz, characterized by a strict two-beat rhythm and by improvised ensemble and solo playing. [2 definitions]
diya a small, open-dish oil lamp made of baked clay, used in India and Nepal.
dizzy having a sensation of spinning and loss of balance; giddy. [7 definitions]
DJ one who plays recorded music and provides commentary over the radio or at an event or venue; disc jockey. [3 definitions]
Djakarta variant of Jakarta.
djellaba a long, loose-fitting garment with a hood and full sleeves, worn especially in northern Africa.
Djibouti an East African country on the Gulf of Aden and bordered by Eritrea, Ethiopia, and Somalia. [2 definitions]
dl abbreviation of "deciliter," or "deciliters," a unit of capacity equal to one tenth of a liter or 3.39 fluid ounces.
D layer the lowest layer of the ionosphere, about forty-five to eighty miles above the earth.
dm abbreviation of "decimeter," or "decimeters," a unit of length equal to one tenth of a meter or 3.937 inches.
DMSO a colorless nontoxic liquid that penetrates the skin rapidly, used as a solvent and sometimes a medicine; dimethyl sulfoxide.
DMV abbreviation of "Department of Motor Vehicles."
DMZ abbreviation of "demilitarized zone."
DNA abbreviation of deoxyribonucleic acid; any of several acids occurring mainly in cellular nuclei and involved in the transmission of hereditary traits and the formation of proteins..
do1 to complete or carry out to completion; perform. [12 definitions]
do2 in music, the syllable that denotes the first or last tone of a diatonic scale. (See sol-fa.) [2 definitions]
D.O.A. abbreviation of "dead on arrival."
doable able to be done; possible.
do away with to abolish, discard, or discontinue. [2 definitions]