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don1 (cap.) Sir; a title formerly attached to the name of a Spanish aristocrat or gentleman, now used as a courtesy title. [2 definitions]
don2 to put on (an article of clothing); dress oneself in. [2 definitions]
doņa (cap.) Lady or Madam; a title of respect or courtesy used before a married woman's name in Spain or other Spanish-speaking countries. [2 definitions]
do nails to apply cosmetic polish to fingernails.
donate to give or contribute (something), as to a cause, charity, or group effort. [2 definitions]
donation the act or an instance of giving or contributing, as to a cause. [2 definitions]
Don Budge U.S. tennis player who in 1938 was the first man to win the four tournaments that compose the grand slam of tennis (b.1915--d.2000).
done past participle of do1. [4 definitions]
donee in law, the receiver of a gift or donation.
done for (informal) dying or dead; doomed. [2 definitions]
done in (informal) extremely tired, physically or mentally; exhausted.
doneness the condition of being done, esp. being fully baked or cooked.
dong1 a low, deep, reverberating sound such as that made by a large bell.
dong2 the chief monetary unit of Vietnam, equaling ten hao.
donjon the fortified inner tower or stronghold of a castle.
Don Juan in Spanish legend and literature, a nobleman famous for his seduction of women. [2 definitions]
donkey a sturdy domestic animal that resembles a horse but is smaller and has longer ears; ass. [3 definitions]
donnish of, like, or characteristic of a university don; pedantic.
donnybrook (sometimes cap.) a noisy fight or brawl; free-for-all.
donor one who gives, contributes, or donates something such as money to an organization, fund, or the like. [2 definitions]
do-nothing a lazy, unmotivated person; idler or sluggard. [2 definitions]