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doorbell a bell, buzzer, or other signal at an outside door, as of a house or apartment, sounded to gain admission.
do-or-die showing or necessitating desperate effort. [2 definitions]
do or die to make the ultimate effort.
doorframe the framework of a doorway.
doorjamb one of the vertical sides of a doorframe; doorpost.
doorkeeper one whose job is to guard or tend the entrance to a building.
doorknob a rounded handle or knob used to open and close a door.
doorless combined form of door.
doorman one whose job is to tend the entrance of an apartment house, hotel, or other building, and to assist residents or guests.
doormat a mat placed in front of or inside a door, on which to remove dirt from shoes or feet. [2 definitions]
doornail a large-headed nail formerly used to stud doors.
doorplate a plate, usu. of metal, attached to or next to a door, bearing the room number, name of occupant, or the like.
doorpost either of the upright posts in a doorframe; doorjamb.
door prize a prize awarded to someone attending a public or social event, based on a lottery drawn from admission tickets or the like.
doorsill the sill of a doorway or entry; threshold.
doorstep a step or series of steps leading up to an outside door.
doorstop any of various devices, such as a weighted object, a wedge, or a rubber-tipped projection, used to control the position or movement of a door, as to prop it open at a certain width or prevent it from hitting an adjacent wall.
door-to-door conducted or visiting at each home in a given area, such as a political district or sales territory. [2 definitions]
doorway the way of entrance into a room or building.
dooryard a yard at the door of a house.
do over to do again.