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double-park to park (a vehicle) alongside another that is parked parallel to the curb.
double play in baseball, a single play in which two players are put out.
double pneumonia pneumonia that affects both lungs.
double-quick very quick. [4 definitions]
double-reed of, pertaining to, or designating any woodwind instrument that sounds by means of a pair of reeds that vibrate against each other. [2 definitions]
double sharp a musical sign placed before a note, indicating that its pitch is to be raised by two semitones.
double-space to type leaving a blank line after each line of text or copy.
doublespeak obscure or confusing language, esp. when intentionally used.
double standard any standard set of principles or code of behavior applied in such a way that one group is favored over another, such as men over women or whites over blacks.
double-stop to produce two notes simultaneously on a stringed instrument, such as the violin, by drawing the bow across two strings at once. [2 definitions]
doublet a snug jacket, sometimes sleeveless and sometimes having a short skirt, worn by men during the Renaissance. [4 definitions]
double take a sudden second look or other delayed reaction indicating that the real significance of a sight, remark, or situation has just been understood.
double-talk ambiguous language meant to deceive people or evade problems or issues. [3 definitions]
doublethink the simultaneous acceptance of two contradictory statements.
double time a fast military marching pace of one hundred and eighty three-foot steps per minute. [3 definitions]
double-time to move or play in double time.
doubleton in bridge, a pair of cards that are the only ones in a player's hand of a given suit.
double-tongue in playing a wind instrument, the action of touching the tongue alternately to the teeth and hard palate, producing rapid articulation of notes.
double-tongued hypocritical; deceitful.
doubletree a crossbar on a wagon or coach that has a singletree at each end, used when two horses are to be harnessed abreast.
double up to share a living space intended for one. [2 definitions]