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drily variant of dryly.
drink to swallow liquid. [12 definitions]
drinkable fit to drink; potable. [2 definitions]
drinker one who drinks. [2 definitions]
drinking fountain an appliance or device that supplies a flow of water, sometimes cooled, for drinking, as in a public place.
drip to flow downward in drops. [7 definitions]
drip-dry not requiring ironing if hung while wet, and usu. drying quickly, as certain fabrics or garments; wash-and-wear. [2 definitions]
dripless combined form of drip.
dripping the act, process, or sound of liquid flowing downward in drops. [2 definitions]
drippy dripping or inclined to drip, as a leaky faucet. [2 definitions]
drive to cause to move through air or a substance by force. [18 definitions]
driveable combined form of drive.
drive-in an outdoor theater at which patrons watch movies from their automobiles. [3 definitions]
drivel foolish or silly speech or ideas. [5 definitions]
driven past participle of drive. [3 definitions]
driver one who drives. [2 definitions]
driverless combined form of driver.
drive shaft a rotating shaft that transmits torque, as in some automobiles from the transmission to the rear axle.
drivetrain the assembly that transmits an engine's rotary motion to the actual means of propulsion such as a propeller or wheel.
driveway a private road that provides access from a street to a building such as a house or garage.
driving aggressively forward-moving; highly active; exciting. [2 definitions]