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drizzle to rain lightly but continuously. [2 definitions]
drogue an anchor, esp. a canvas sack used for slowing a boat and keeping her prow into the wind. [2 definitions]
droit a legal claim or right. [2 definitions]
droll wryly amusing or humorous.
drollery something funny. [3 definitions]
-drome racecourse. [3 definitions]
dromedary an African or Asian camel with one hump. (Cf. Bactrian camel.)
drone1 a male honeybee or other male bee, whose only function is to impregnate the queen. [3 definitions]
drone2 to produce a low, continuous hum. [5 definitions]
drongo any of a family (Dicruridae) of insectivorous passerine birds with black plumage and a forked tail.
drool to exude saliva from the mouth; drivel. [3 definitions]
droop to hang or sink down; bend limply. [4 definitions]
droopy drooping or inclined to droop. [2 definitions]
drop a small amount of liquid, usu. forming a tiny sphere. [17 definitions]
drop a beat to miss a beat in music, or otherwise lose the rhythm or continuity of something; falter. [2 definitions]
drop by to come for a casual and usually brief visit or errand, generally with little or no planning.
drop cookie a cookie made by dropping dough from a spoon onto the baking sheet, rather than by shaping or rolling it.
drop curtain a stage curtain that is lowered and raised rather than drawn to or from the sides.
drop-down menu a menu in a computer program interface whose title is visible but whose contents are revealed only when a cursor is clicked on the title, allowing a user to choose an item on the menu.
drop-forge to shape (heated metal) with a drop hammer.
drop forging an object made by drop-forging metal.