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dung beetle any of various beetles that feed on and breed in dung; scarab.
dungeon a jail or jail cell, esp. a dark, damp one underground.
dunghill a large pile of dung. [2 definitions]
dunk to immerse in a liquid. [4 definitions]
dunk shot in basketball, a shot made by jumping up and thrusting the ball through the hoop from above.
dunlin a small brown and white sandpiper that breeds in northern areas of the Northern Hemisphere.
dunnage loose packing material used for protection or ventilation around cargo on a ship or train. [2 definitions]
duo a musical composition for two performers, or the two performers themselves. [3 definitions]
duo- two.
duodecimal of, concerning, or based on twelve or twelfths (used esp. to describe a number system with twelve instead of ten digits). [3 definitions]
duodecimo the page size of a book that is five by seven and a half inches or one twelfth of a printer's sheet. [3 definitions]
duodenal pertaining to or affecting the duodenum.
duodenum the short, rather straight portion of the small intestine nearest to the stomach.
duologue a conversation between two people or characters, esp. in a drama.
duopoly control of a commodity in a market area by two suppliers or producers. (Cf. monopoly.)
duopsony the market condition that exists when there are only two buyers, who can thus exert great influence on price. (Cf. monopsony, oligopsony.)
dupe a gullible person; one who can be readily misled or fooled. [3 definitions]
duple twofold; double; duplex. [2 definitions]
duplex having two parts; twofold; double. [3 definitions]
duplex apartment an apartment that has rooms on two stories.
duplex house a house that has been divided into two separate living units.