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duologue a conversation between two people or characters, esp. in a drama.
duopoly control of a commodity in a market area by two suppliers or producers. (Cf. monopoly.)
duopsony the market condition that exists when there are only two buyers, who can thus exert great influence on price. (Cf. monopsony, oligopsony.)
dupe a gullible person; one who can be readily misled or fooled. [3 definitions]
duple twofold; double; duplex. [2 definitions]
duplex having two parts; twofold; double. [3 definitions]
duplex apartment an apartment that has rooms on two stories.
duplex house a house that has been divided into two separate living units.
duplicate an exact copy of an original. [7 definitions]
duplicating machine a machine that makes exact copies of printed matter. (See copier, duplicator.)
duplicator a machine that makes copies, esp. of written material; copier.
duplicitous deceitful, treacherous, or double-dealing.
duplicity deceitful speech or action. [2 definitions]
durable not easily worn out; long-lasting; sturdy. [2 definitions]
durable goods goods that can be used for many years without wearing out, such as household appliances or automobiles.
dural of, pertaining to, or affecting the dura mater.
dura mater the outermost of three fibrous membranes that cover the brain and spinal cord. (See arachnoid, pia mater.)
duramen the hard, dead wood in the center of certain trees; heartwood.
durance involuntary and usu. extended confinement, as in a prison.
duration the state or quality of existing over time. [2 definitions]
durbar in India, the court of a prince. [2 definitions]