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Dutch metal an alloy of copper and zinc, thin sheets of which resemble gold leaf.
Dutch oven a heavy iron or enamel kettle with an arched lid, for the slow cooking of pot roasts, stews, or other dishes. [3 definitions]
Dutch treat a date or other outing for which each person pays his or her own share.
Dutch uncle (informal) a person who bluntly and severely criticizes or lectures another.
duteous careful to fulfill one's duties; dutiful; obedient.
dutiable subject to import duty or other taxes.
dutiful carrying out one's duties or responsibilities as required or expected. [2 definitions]
duty ethical, legal, or moral obligation. [5 definitions]
duty-free exempt from a duty or tax.
duumvir either of two officers in ancient Rome who exercised jointly the duties of a public office.
duumvirate government authority held by a two-member board, as in ancient Rome. [2 definitions]
duvet a bed covering filled with feathers or other soft material and generally having a removable and washable cover so that it can be used as both top sheet and quilt.
duvetyn a napped fabric of cotton, silk, wool, or rayon that has a twilled weave.
duxelles a mixture of finely chopped mushrooms, shallots, and seasonings sautéed until all liquid has evaporated and used esp. in sauces and stuffings.
DVD abbreviation of "digital video disc" or, subsequently, "digital versatile disc."
D.V.M. abbreviation of "Doctor of Veterinary Medicine."
dwarf (outdated; often considered offensive) a much smaller than average person due to a medical condition, esp. if proportioned so that the person's legs are shorter than his or her torso. [7 definitions]
dwarfism a state or condition of stunted growth.
dwarf star a star of relatively small size and low mass and luminosity. (See white dwarf.)
dweeb (slang) a wimp; nerd; despised person.
dwell to live or stay as a resident; reside. [3 definitions]